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Journalist and author of books on Retirement and the Empty Nest
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‘A big hug of a book. Manages to be both realistic and optimistic at what can be a bleak and frightening time. A lifesaver, opening up all kinds of possibilities.'
Aggie MacKenzie, journalist and television presenter

‘A thoughtful and compassionate exploration of a complex parenting phase.’
Dr Terri Apter, Psychologist at Cambridge University

‘An insightful book’
Katharine Whitehorn

5* Amazon reader reviews

‘I thought nothing would help - but this book did - I read it through once and felt a lot better and am now reading it again and underlining things - sometimes the tiniest detail helps so much and is exactly how I feel. Do get it!

‘So pleased I found this book, it has me helped hugely with the transition. I couldn't believe how my emotions floored me; I work full time and still have 2 at home, and wasn't prepared for the sense of loss of my family unit, and sense of self. To read this and understand I wasn't alone or abnormal, and to read other perspectives has been so helpful.’

‘Just what I needed. My son suddenly left home when he turned 18. He only moved 3 miles away to stay with his dad, but it could just as well have been 300 miles. This is an excellent book and easy to read. Written through actual experiences of both the parents and the children leaving home.’


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